501(c)(3) Applications for Exempt Status

Applications for Exempt Status with the IRS for Not-for-Profit Corporations also known as 501(c)(3) Applications.

Let our office walk you through the complicated process of the complex application for exempt status, and of acquiring approval by the IRS for that exempt status, at an affordable rate.

My Legal Assistant, Tina, is an expert at 501(c)(3) Applications for Ministries, Churches and other not-for-profit organizations.  Tina has been assisting not-for-profit organizations (which includes ministries, churches, arts groups, societies, guilds, hemp farms, events organizations and more) for approximately 25 years.  She has never had an applicant denied for status.

Please call my Legal Assistant, Tina, at 941-750-8383, or contact her via email through my contact page to set up your free consultation.