What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process that administers an estate after a person has passed away, and transfers all the property to the heirs, with or without a Will.  The Court appoints a Personal Representative (or an Executor) who administers the estate and distributes the assets to the beneficiaries (heirs) after you have passed.

Basically, after a person passes there is an administration and accounting of all the assets that must be done whether the estate is probated (with or without a will) or whether probate is avoided because all assets were transferred to a trust during lifetime of the deceased person, or if the assets were jointly owned prior to passing.

If your loved one has passed, let me express how deeply sorry we are for your loss.  Let our office assist you during your stressful time of bereavement and help you handle all your loved one affairs in an orderly fashion. 

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